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Tuesday, May 9

DIY Family Farmhouse Sign + Free Cut File

Surprise!  I'm back!  It's been almost a year since my last original post.  I wasn't sure I'd ever come back to blogging, and truthfully, I feel a little unsure of myself as I sit down to type today.

Bottom line:  I've missed this.  I have lots of extra time on my hands, and I need a creative outlet.

However, I've enjoyed the freedom away from blogging.  I haven't been tied to a computer and social media.  I haven't been the mom with my face to the computer and the back to her children.

I still love to make beautiful things and share them with people who have the same passion.

So, I hope you'll come by a few times a week and see what's new.  I hope you'll look out for me on social media.  I hope you'll share my posts with your friends and family.  Let's get this thing back up and running, shall we?

In case you forgot, my family and I moved to Iowa last summer.  Wow, is it beautiful here!  I mean, I can't say I loved the freezing cold winter or anything.  But spring-- it is hands down my favorite season so far.

With the move came a beautiful new home to decorate.  I am excited to share some of my projects with you.  Since I did them awhile ago, most won't have tutorials.  But if you have any questions about how I did it or what paint colors I used, please shoot me an email or leave a comment.

I FINALLY made a sign for my entryway.  It's been sitting naked since I took down Christmas decorations.  It needed something large and welcoming.  So, I made this farmhouse-style Family sign.

DIY Farmhouse Wooden Sign

Materials Used:
2 ft x 2 ft plywood
1x1 inch pine trim, cut into 4 pieces
Wood glue
Adhesive Vinyl (and a Silhouette cutting machine)

1.  Paint your plywood.  I used some leftover color that matches my trim and doors in the entryway.
2.  Measure your pine trim and cut.  I did two 12 inch pieces and two 10 inch pieces.
3.  Stain your trim.  I used Antique Walnut by Minwax.  Let dry completely.
4.  Cut, weed, and apply your vinyl.  Need a good tutorial?  Try this one.
5.  Attach your pine trim with wood glue.  Tape your trim down with painter's tape and let dry before removing it.  My plywood was a little bowed as well, so I put heavy books on each corner as it dried.
6.  Remove your tape and hang as desired.  I'm a big fan of Command Strips, as they don't damage your walls at all.

True story- I had to stand behind the coats in the front closet to get this shot.  

If you want to make your own, download your free cut file (opens in Silhouette Studio ONLY) here!

What's hanging in your entryway?

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