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Wednesday, November 30

Printed Burlap Christmas Tree Sign

*Hey all- I'm not back from my blogging break yet, but I'm sharing some old posts I shared on other blogs last year.  I hope you enjoy them!*

Print your favorite printable sign on Burlap for a whole new look!

I just discovered the most brilliant invention of my crafting life.  I was at the store, and I saw LAMINATED BURLAP!

(Okay so I might be overstating it a little by calling it the most brilliant invention).  But seriously folks, I love printing on burlap, but I rarely do it.

Why?  Because you have to cut the burlap, then iron the burlap.  You have to clean up the frayed ends, then iron on freezer paper.  Only then can you print on the burlap.

But now- I can just throw one of these sheets into the photo tray of my printer, laminated side down, and voila!  I have printed burlap.

To showcase this brilliant invention, I took a shape from the Silhouette design store (which you can purchase here) and made it into a printable.

Note- you do NOT have to own a Silhouette to download and use their software, Silhouette Studio.  I use it a lot just to make printable art- no cutting needed.  If you love to make your own printables, why not give it a try?

I filled my words and shapes with colors, and made the cut lines transparent.   You can either save it as a PDF or just print it right from Studio.  

If you're not comfortable making your own, I have made it into a PDF for you to download for a short time.  Download and print yours here.

To print: follow directions for your printer for photo printing.  I loaded mine into the rear photo tray, and in the print menu, selected paper size as 8x10 and paper as "Glossy Photo Paper".  Then I clicked print and the laminate burlap worked perfectly!

To finish it off, you can either back it in a frame with Christmas scrapbook paper, or you can use a mat to give it a more formal look.  

I kind of love them both, so I'm not sure which way I'll go.

This is a super way to display your favorite printable and give it a more rustic feel!

What will you use laminated burlap for?
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