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Tuesday, March 1

Personalized Easter Baskets

Make these cute Personalized Easter Baskets for your kids this Easter!

It's March!  I can't believe it's already time to be thinking about all things spring and Easter!  Did March come in like a "lion" or a "lamb" for you?

Here in Phoenix it's been in the high 80's, and we've been soaking up the sunshine before it gets too crazy hot.

I've also been busy working my Silhouette.  Right now, Easter Baskets are all the rage in my Silhouette Facebook groups, so I decided to share the ones I made with you.

I let my kids pick out their own designs.  I offered ideas but in the end, each basket is very unique to each child's personality!

I'm only showing off two of the three because my youngest son is currently using his basket as a bed for his Donald Tsum-Tsum and it is nowhere to be found.

Emma was happy with a traditional design for the front, but she wanted to jazz up the back with some fun patterned eggs and a chick.  All designs are from the Silhouette Design store.

Kyle wanted something more "boyish", so we used the Star Jedi Font for a Star Wars kind of look, paired with a Pikachu Pokemon character instead of a bunny.  I thought that was kind of a clever choice, since he actually looks kind of like a bunny here.

I love making these because you can do anything with them- and really make it special for each child!

The baskets are from Hobby Lobby, or you can find similar ones here.  I also found these adorable burlap carrots there.  Aren't they so cute?

I cut the designs with my Silhouette Cameo and transferred them on to the buckets with some clear contact paper.

If you don't have a Silhouette, what are you waiting for?  Buy one here so you don't have to keep asking your friend to make stuff for you!

What do you use for Easter Baskets?

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