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Wednesday, November 25

The ULTIMATE Tween Girl Gift Guide: From Budget Buys to Special Splurges

My daughter is ten.  She has one foot still in childhood and the other in coming teenage-hood.  

She still likes a few toys, especially cuddly stuffed animals.  But with school, homework, and extracurricular activities, she really doesn't have time to play with them that often.

But, she also wants things like clothes, bubble bath, an iPod, gift cards, and other things like that.
As a mom, I want to get things that she will actually love and use, not sit in the closet collecting dust.

So, I've scoured the ads for some great ideas for tween girls.  I have everything from budget buys to that one big splurge present she might find under the tree.  I hope it will help inspire you as you do your shopping this year.

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Budget Buys- under $25

1.  Shopkins.  These popular collectibles come in many different packs and playsets.  My daughter is dying to find one specific one, so she put every variety of these known to man on her list.

2.  Minecraft Video Game-  if your child doesn't have it yet, she is missing out!  I love the creativity and problem-solving this game encourages, even if I don't quite "get" Minecraft as well as my kids do.

3.  "Adult" Coloring Books- this popular craze is perfect for your budding artist.  Choose one with a theme she loves and include some nice colored pencils.

4.  Board Games- my kids love to play games!  We play the old ones like "Life", "Monopoly", "Sorry", and more, but we also love newer ones like "Headbanz" "Eye Found It", and "Pictopia".

5.  Disney Tsum Tsum Plush- These cute plush are Disney characters, and are perfect stocking stuffers.  They also sell larger ones for up to $25.  I have seen them at Target and at The Disney Store.

6.  Dolls- If your daughter loved Barbie, maybe try Ever After High dolls, Project MC2 dolls and experiments, or Monster High dolls.

7.  Jewelry-making Kit.  My daughter loves to make things, and there are tons of craft and activity kits that are designed with kids in mind.

8.  Nerf Rebelle Codebreaker Crossbow-  my daughter loves to get in and fight Nerf battles with her brothers.  

9.  Bath and Body Works- my daughter especially loves their bubble bath and lotions.  They almost always have a great deal going on.

10.  Personalized/Monogrammed Gifts-  Justice, Charming Charlies, and many boutiques sell such items as water bottles, purses, journals, and more with your daughter's name and/or initial.  My daughter loves things with her initials on them!

Mid-Range Buys- $25-75

1.  Lego Dimensions.  Despite marketing, Legos aren't just for boys!  All my kids love playing Legos, and this game looks to be great fun!  You can buy it on Black Friday for $65-75 at various stores.

2.  Kindle Fire- This is a great starter tablet.  We chose this over others due to the parental controls and huge book library (our kids are readers!).

3.  Illustrated Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone.  Um, this one might be on MY Christmas list. If you have a Harry Potter fan, this one is a MUST!

4.  Lego Friends or Lego Elves sets.  There is a huge price range in these sets, but if your child is into Legos, these are so much fun to make and very detailed!  Try the Heartlake Shopping Mall or the Elves Treetop Hideaway

5.  Clothes- girls this age can always use cute new clothes, as they are constantly growing.  Don't forget some cute accessories to go with them!  We like Target, Kohl's, Old Navy, Justice, and Crazy 8.

6.  Magazine Subscriptions- American Girl, National Geographic Kids, whatever their interest, their is a magazine for them!

7.  Bluetooth Speaker- to go with that mp3 player you're getting her :)

8.  Gift cards- purchase a gift card to her favorite store and set a date to take her shopping!  Try to get more bang for your buck! 

Special Splurges- $75 and up

1.  iPod Nano.  A great mp3 player so she can listen to her favorite music.

2.  WiiU- with tons of games that are family friendly, this video game console is the perfect choice for kids when you're not quite ready for all those shooter games that are so popular.  Plus you can play the old Nintendo games, like the original Super Mario Bros!

3.  American Girl Dolls.  My daughter and her friends have yet to outgrow these dolls.  If you can find a great deal on them, get one.  It is a great investment and resells well if taken care of when your daughter does outgrow them.  I'd only get this if I had a younger tween- 9 or 10.  

4.  Electric Scooter- what fun this would be to ride around the neighborhood!

5.  Polaroid Instamax Camera- especially fun if you haven't yet let your daughter have a phone (like me!).  She can work on her photography skills with a fun camera!

6.  (Ultra Splurge)- "Hoverboard" Self Balancing Scooter.  These are HOT this Christmas and will be hard to find for a good price!  This one is guaranteed by Christmas!

I hope you've got some great ideas for that special girl on your list!  Are any of these on your daughter/niece/grandaughter's list?

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