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Friday, October 30

Last-Minute Halloween Candy Printable

If you miss the trick-or-treaters while you're out with your kids, leave your candy out with this spooky Candy Printable for the neighbor kids!

Halloween is TOMORROW night, and that means this printable is coming your way just in time!

I was just listening to the morning radio show, and they were talking about how it is super lazy and annoying when people just leave out a bowl of candy with a note to just take one.

But, if you're family is like mine, both mom and dad are taking the kids out for trick-or-treating, and by the time you get home, pretty much everyone else has already gone out and you would be left with a bowl full of candy you don't need.

So, go ahead and leave out that bowl of candy for the neighbors.  I've whipped up a fun printable you can display along with it.

And if you just don't feel like opening your door 100 times on Halloween, hey- I won't judge you!  Feel free to use this printable too!

Download your copy here (or right-click to open in a new window and print).

Happy Halloween!  

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