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Monday, July 6

In Defense of a Stay-at-Home Summer

"What are we doing today, Mom?"

The words fall out of their mouths almost as soon as they wake up, as I am still rubbing the sleep from my eyes and staggering to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I have really come to dread hearing those words.

Somehow my kids have gotten the idea that they are entitled to "Do Something Fun" every single day of summer break.  

True, I may have fed this idea to them a little by purchasing Summer Movie Passes, Water Park Season Passes, and Pogo Passes (which allow us to attend museums and fun places all over the valley).

I know kids love having fun things to do in the summer.  But where did the idea come from that those fun things can only happen outside our home?

Even my husband gets into it.  "What are you guys doing tomorrow?"  he asks over dinner.  "Are you using your Pogo Passes?"

We go to the water park once a week.  We see a special "summer movie" once a week.  We use our Pogo Passes a few times a month.

But most of the time, I just want to stay home!  I'm a homebody, I guess.  I don't like driving 30 minutes (and using up several gallons of gas) to "have fun".  I don't like sitting by myself at a playplace for a few hours until I feel like the time spent has been worth the drive.  I can't spend money every day (because even the things with admission included have extra costs like shoe/skate rental, gas to get there, extra exhibits, treats or snacks, etc.)

Besides, I want my kids to play games, create projects, use their imagination, swim in our pop up pool, make cookies, read books, stay in their pajamas till noon, eat pancakes for dinner, etc.  We are so busy during the school year that I have said no to summer camps for a reason!  I want us to have some down time, regrouping and recouping our energy before the next school year starts.  Is that really so boring?

This week, we went to the water park, saw a movie, went swimming at the community pool, went out to lunch, and even got some errands done.

So this morning, when the kids asked "Where are we going today?" I said, "We're staying home today.  Find something fun to do."

And they did.

What do you do for summer break?  What works for your family? Please share in the comments below!
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