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Friday, March 20

10 Tips for a Worry-free Easter Dinner

This post is sponsored by HoneyBaked Ham.  I was given free product and compensated to write this post.  But remember, I only review products and companies I LOVE or think you will too!

I like having people come over to my house.
It gives me a reason to clean!
I tend to get pretty stressed out for holidays when family or friends come to visit.  I want the house to look nice, the decor to be decked out, the food to taste delicious, and the children to be well-behaved.
Maybe I should just pick two of the above.
If you're anything like me and holidays like Easter stress you out, you might benefit from these 10 tips to make your Easter Dinner worry free.
1.  Budget Your Time Wisely
Have a plan of attack so you can be ready to greet your guests when the arrive, not be scrambling around the kitchen throwing things together.  Know what time you plan to eat, how long each item will take to cook, and keep a "schedule" so you know when to put various things in the oven.  If there are items you can make ahead, make them ahead!  You'll be so much more relaxed.
2.  Know your Guests!
Don't be caught off guard with food allergies, sensitivities or diets.  Ask ahead if there is anything you need to be aware of so you can be prepared.
3.  Keep some snacks out to munch on
If your guests will be arriving some time before dinner will be served, set out some simple snacks or appetizers.  I set out a fruit, veggie, and cheese/cracker tray to keep my kids from whining about how hungry they are!  Keep it simple- people just want to munch, not ooh and aah over perfectly baked mini tarts.  (Unless you're into that sort of thing!)

4.  Use paper plates and table linens
Nowadays there are so many cute options for paper plates, table runners, and even placemats.  There is no reason to spend a ton of money on something you'll only drag out 2-3 times a year for company.  And you don't have to worry about stains on your beautiful linens.  Save time and money!  I chose to use my real plates, but we are forgoing placemats and using a paper table runner.
5.  Decorate with what you have!
There's no need to buy a fancy centerpiece.  I used some wrapping paper for a table runner, then took some of my "cute" Easter decorations from around the house and made them into a fun centerpiece.  Don't forget to print out last year's Easter printable for a more Christ-centered celebration.
6.  Serve dinner Buffet-style!
Set up a cute buffet table and let the guests serve themselves!  Set up your food in your nice serving dishes here, then get out of the way, sit down, and enjoy your dinner too!
7.  Go semi-homemade for the actual dinner.
Choose one or two things that are important for you to make yourself for the meal.  My family loves my homemade rolls, so I always serve those.  I also usually make my own dessert, although this year we're eating these delicious cheesecake slices from HoneyBaked Ham!  The Triple Chocolate is to die for!

8.  Let HoneyBaked Ham handle the rest
You're going to buy a ham anyway, since serving ham for Easter is a special tradition. Serve the best tasting, quality ham your family will enjoy – HoneyBaked Ham.  There's a great coupon out for you right now to get $5 off any purchase of $50 or more.  Plus, they have delicious sides and desserts if you so choose.
I bought a small quarter ham, a small turkey breast, and two sides for my dinner.  My kids love the creamy Macaroni and Cheese, and almost everyone loves the Sweet Potato Souffle!

Find a location near you.
P.S.- When you put them in our own dishes, no one will ever know you didn't slave over these dishes yourself!  
9.  Get the kids involved
My kids love to help out.  So why not put them to work?  Have them lay out the tableware.  Invite them to help you bake.  Teach them how to cook a favorite dish.  Assign them cleaning-up chores!  And don't forget a little treat for being such a great helper!
10.  Enjoy yourself- and don't forget to take (or have someone take) some pictures!
Life is about creating memories and enjoying the special people in your life.  Don't let Easter pass you by while you hang out in the kitchen, sweating and worrying.  With these tips, you should have plenty of time to sit and enjoy your loved ones and your delicious Easter dinner!
Are you entertaining for Easter or headed somewhere else?  What would you add to this list?

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  1. These are great Easter Dinner suggestions. I am definitely going to be using a few! Thanks.

  2. Great tips! I especially love the idea of decorating with what you have. I recommend that on my event planning blog a lot.

  3. I'm so on board with the paper plates! The less cleanup, the better. And I think I'll have to add that sweet potato souffle to our menu. Sounds divine!

  4. Definitely great ideas. I have to keep them in mind!

  5. It is not my year to host Easter so I am on the easy road this year! I will be taking a side dish and hiding eggs all afternoon for the kids to find!

  6. We always do a big dinner for Easter as well. These are great tips. I might take a few in to consideration! That mac and cheese looked delicious!

  7. Great tips! I love having family over for holidays!

  8. Easter dinner was one of my mom's favorites to prepare. She loved having all the family (20) in her home. She is now gone and I have taken on so many traditions she put in place. Enjoying family time is number one!

  9. Oh, the ham is what makes the dinner! My son wanted a ham baked with pineapple for his birthday. It was my first and it was delicious. I may do the same for Easter.

  10. Great tips! Setting up buffet style will give the host time to enjoy also :)


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