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Thursday, August 21

Front Door Decor!

Hey everyone! I've been a little more MIA than Valerie over the summer. But now that the kids are back in school I have a bit more time and energy to do something I love.
The craft I have for you today is something I can genuinely say that I created all on my own. See, Pick Your Plum had a daily deal with these metal letters that you could put your address numbers inside.

By itself it's not much of a decoration. It doesn't even have a means of hanging! So I scoured through pinterest for ideas and NOTHING appealed to me, or even really had metal letters like mine. I knew I wanted it on my front door, I didn't want it in a wreath, and I wanted to keep it more rustic and grungy feeling.
So I headed to Michael's (while the kids were at school! awesome!) and looked around for anything that could be used as a backdrop of some sort for my letter. I looked at open frames, I looked at baskets, I looked at canvas, but then I found this beauty in the wood section.

Nothings says home like a window! Now I just needed to figure out how to put it all together. Since chalkboard items are quite the rage I decided to cover it in chalkboard paint and use some twine and ribbon to tie it up. I love the mix of hard and soft! 
It turned out better than I thought it would! This will be on my door when seasonal wreaths aren't in use. 
Oh, and If you're curious about how I got the twine around the ribbon like that, I just braided two pieces of twine and the ribbon together and spread out the twine pieces so it made that wave effect!
Glad to be back to crafting and sharing with you! Welcome to all of our new followers!!
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