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Saturday, March 1

Why We're Adding Ads

We had some rough times this week here at Occasionally Crafty.  We had some technical issues with our site that took most of a day to fix (time I really don't have).  We finally got it done at almost midnight, and now everything's back the way it should be.  Not to mention I got to hang out with Mr. Grumpy Pants this week.

So, if you're visiting us for the first time this week, you might notice something new.  After some deliberation, Laura and I decided to work with Today's Mama and add some ads to our blog.  There are a lot of ad networks and money making opportunities when you blog, but for the most part we've decided to opt out of a lot of those.

However, we like Today's Mama because it's a great community for moms of all types.  We've read and enjoyed many of their articles.  Their ad network is family friendly, and we hope will show ads that you readers might genuinely interested in.  Our commitment to you is that the ads will stay that way-- so if you ever see something come up that you find questionable, let us know! 

When we returned to blogging after our break last summer, we decided that we were going to keep Occasionally Crafty from being any kind of full-time business for us, as many craft blogs have become.  But running ads (and the occasional sponsored post) helps us pay for our supplies and for the behind-the-scenes technical work that we have to do (and pay for) to keep this blog up and running.  So we hope you'll keep stopping by to see our latest projects (and if you're seeing this on an email or RSS feed, please click over to the blog once in awhile!)

Thanks as always for your support!

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