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Friday, August 23

Back to School Chore Charts

Chores. Jobs.  Daily Tasks.  Whatever you call them, your kids have them.   I don't know about your kids, but mine have a lot to keep track of.  
During the summer, it's making their beds, cleaning their rooms, reading, practicing the piano, and doing chores around the house.
But once school starts, it's kind of hard to make sure everything is getting done.  Mommy The kids need some help to remember what needs to be done each day.  So I looked online for some great printable chore charts and made our own little Command Center.
I decided to use these charts by Pinch a Little, Save a Lot. The best thing about them is you can edit them in Adobe before you print them out.  So the work is pretty much done for you!
I downloaded one boy chart and one girl chart, and got them all customized with my kids' daily responsibilities.  But we can't just hang them on the wall.  Oh no, that's not "cute" enough.
I spruced up some clipboards,
hung them on the walls, laminated the chore charts and added them to the clipboards.

A dry erase marker hung from a string helps them check off their chores each day.
Now I make sure my kids are doing their daily reading and math facts, and the kids know they can't get away with "forgetting" to do something.
Now, we don't tie allowances to chores, but I know some people give rewards for checking off all their chores each day or week.  If they have a good week, I might take them out for ice cream or something as a thank you for being so responsible.  But I EXPECT them to do their jobs each day- it's part of being in school and being a member of our family.  I hope I'm helping them develop this so over time it becomes part of their character.
Do you do chore charts with your kids?  How do you help them keep organized?
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