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Wednesday, March 27

Pinewood Derby Treat

In the past few weeks boy scouts all across the country have participated in one of their favorite events of the year, the Pinewood Derby. My boys are still a little young for scouts, but someday we will join in the fun of making our own car and racing against the other boy scouts in their troop. 

A friend of mine was in charge of the treats for our local Pinewood Derby and I showed her the perfect baking mold I got in the mail from Wholeport.

We tossed around a few ideas and decided that since she wanted finger foods, that Jell-o jigglers, or Knox Blox would be the best way to feed some hungry young boys.

They were fun and easy to make, just a little time consuming since the mold only had 8 shapes and they take an hour to set. They were a big hit with they boys.

Thanks Wholeport!

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