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Wednesday, December 5

Embarrassing Pictures of Me, or Why I Wish I Could've Used Invisalign!

Thank you Invisalign for sponsoring this post. Invisalign, a new alternative to braces, is celebrating 2 Million Smiles (2 million straightened smiles and counting!).


It's about to get real in here.  I am entrusting you with some terrible, horrible, awful pictures.  If these ever get out, I'll die of embarrassment.  So, please, don't tell anyone.  Okay?

Of course, I am posting this on a blog--ergo, the whole world can see these.


Yes, I just love you readers that much.  I know you have your own embarrassing pictures, and so you won't be too hard on me, right?

I'd also like you to keep in mind that I had to go through many, many, embarrassing pictures in order to find ones I was actually willing to put up in front of people who didn't know me when I was younger.  So, now, let me take you back in time with me.

This is me in Kindergarten.  I'm pretty cute, right?  At least, nothing is too weird in this picture (except for the fact that I circled myself.)  Well, something happened to me in first grade.

I got an awful haircut.

But more importantly, my permanent front teeth came in almost sideways.  I hated them so much, this is how I smiled-- (2nd grade picture)

I didn't want anyone to see my ugly teeth.

By third grade, I at least had braces to straighten them out

But that was not the end.  Oh no.  When I was in middle school, I got a SECOND set of braces because my dentist screwed up my first go-round.  (And I had another horrible haircut!  And a perm!  Not to mention that vest....)

Not only did I have braces again, but I had two types of headgear and a bite plate.  It was painful, embarrassing, but totally worth it in the end.  I could show off my smile proudly at my wedding and beyond.

My daughter is in second grade now.

You can see that she is going to need braces too.  Here dentist already told me to start saving up!

She got my bad teeth genes, I guess.  Thank goodness there are now options like Invisalign.  Invisalign have straightened over 2 Million Smiles- and counting!  It's a new alternative to braces, and I really hope my daughter qualifies!  Not only is it more attractive, but I love that it is removable for cleaning.  I have permanently stained front teeth from my braces- you can see where they used to be.  I also love that there aren't any food restrictions like there are with braces.  I hated missing out on some of my favorite treats.
You can read more about the benefits of Invisalign here.

Here are some other links I'm finding helpful as we prepare for my daughter's dental future:
The Invisalign Doctor Locater can be found here,
and a Cost Calculator is found here.

I'd love to know YOUR experience with braces.  Were you lucky enough to use Invisalign?  Did you suffer like I did?  Share your experience below (embarrassing pictures not required!)


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