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Monday, September 10

My Space- Craft Room Progress

No, I'm not referring to that website everyone used before Facebook, I am talking about my very own craft space! I never thought there would be a day where my craft space wasn't shared. Now that I have a room solely for crafting I get to decide how to make it the most workable for me! So where else did I turn but pinterest for ideas!

At first all I was coming across were things like this:

Don't get me wrong, they're amazing! Who wouldn't want their washer and dryer and a gigantic work space all in one? However I have a 10x10 room [not complaining] and need to be frugal and creative to make the most use of 'my space'. Since I hope to be able to house guest in the room as well, a big table in the middle was not the solution.

Then I thought of this idea:
I even found one on craigslist for $200. Desk, storage and bed for that price was extremely tempting. But it extended out 6 feet and would basically swallow the room. I didn't want to dread going into my craft room or have it feel claustrophobic. Great idea, but maybe for a bigger space.

Next was this idea, which was headed in the right direction:

You can tell that this is a small space and I love how well it is used. Simple desks with storage underneath and mounted storage on the walls above. I even messed around with an L-shaped configuration but found that it limited the amount of room for a guest.

Then came this picture, which as hard as we tried, had no originating source so we just get to stare at it and theorize as to how they made it happen:

I love it, and this is what I am trying to achieve. They must have had the desk built and put storage underneath, but I am going to put two desks together. Now look at the walls. Simple L brackets with painted shelves keep it cost efficient and a great use of space. I don't have a window on the wall so I'm going to use this in its place:

The use of a peg board gives unlimited ways of storing items that otherwise end up in a mess of a drawer. I might even consider doing a combination pegboard and corkboard to pin up ideas, patterns, ribbon, fabric, or whatever I need.

Lastly I do have a closet that right now is filled with boxes of books while we wait for our bookshelves, but I can't wait to utilize that space. I love these hanging organizers that can be used in so many ways:

I use a larger one in my room to put earrings and hair clips and other accessories. It is light, doesn't take up much space and you can see where everything is! And how about using a pants hanger for ribbon storage? Great!

So here's the start of my room [baby steps, i know] and as soon as it's finished you'll be the first to know!

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