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Thursday, June 28

Ribbon Heaven

One of the things I will miss about Korea is the ability to go to the fabric market and buy things at wholesale prices. I won't miss how difficult it is to traverse there and drag your kid through aisles and aisles and booths and booths of vendors just to find the right thing (and communicate...). BUT, since school is ending and so is our time in Korea, I made a special ribbon shopping trip with just one kid instead of two.

I LOVE their selections of ribbon, and may have gone a little crazy.

Each strip is one yard long, it all cost me about $12 and I don't end up with tons of left overs on the spools. These will be great for cards, gifts, maybe even hairbows! C'mon, who can resist these patterns?

Now I just need your suggestions for ribbon storage, especially since these are all off the spool. What do you do?


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