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Monday, February 13

Cute Valentine's Day Mani/Pedi

I'm least for now.   Last week, that lovely stomach bug made the rounds in our house, so I didn't do much besides rest on the couch, hover over the toilet, and take care of my little ones doing the same.   Certainly no crafting was done.

I do want to share a few things with you really quick.  

My Ruffle/Rosette shirt was featured today on The RetailMeNot Insider.  Click here to check it out and for some last minute Valentine's Day inspiration.  I'm really honored to be featured!

Second, I gave myself some really cute toenails for V-day and beyond.  Of course, I went to take a picture and my camera battery was dead.  And, I cannot find the charger anywhere!  So, you're going to have to settle for my inspiration pic:

I got the idea from Pinterest, which featured this manicure by A Vain Woman.  I love it! 

 I never paint my nails, though.  I'm a little hard on my hands.  So, I painted my toes instead.  I used bright pink and white.  Here's the steps, just in case you need them.

1.  Prepare your nails by removing any old polish and lightly buffing.  Paint a base coat if desired.  I'm too lazy.
2.  Paint your toenails alternating colors.  I chose pink and white.  Depending on your polish, you may need two coats.  I'm cheap and buy cheap (but cute) polish, so I needed two coats. Clean up any stray polish with a cotton swab or tiny paintbrush dipped in polish remover.
3.  When solid coats are dry, create polka dots- white on color, colored on white.  I straightened a bobby pin and dipped one end into a dab of nail polish I had placed on a paper plate.  It made the PERFECT sized polka dot for my nails.  Use one end of the bobby pin for the white dots, the other end for the colored.
4.  Let polka dots dry, then finish with a top-coat!

Happy Valentine's Day in advance!  We don't have any exciting plans, thanks to it being a school night (pout).  But we are going out on Saturday instead.  What are you doing?  Tell me and make me jealous.....

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  1. I do love a cute nail and I am lovin those! haha I'm with you on painting fingernails I do my creative stuff on my toe nails because it seems to stay on better and its easy to add detail to. :)


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