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Monday, December 12

Neighbor Gift? "Joy" Ornaments

Happy Monday, everyone!  I'm starting to feel the "Christmas Crunch".  Anyone else?  It's probably because we are heading to The Happiest Place on Earth next week, and won't be back until just before Christmas!  I have to do all my baking, shopping, mailing, gift-giving, etc. by the end of the week!  Yikes!

In case you're searching for a simple gift to make for neighbors, friends, or even a class, I have an idea for you.  This year, my friends and I made these simple "Joy" ornaments for the children at church.

They're simple to make.  We used 2x2 blocks (which I buy in bulk from  We painted them, Mod Podged some paper scraps on the front, and finished with Joy in vinyl letters.  You could easily use letter stickers or even a Sharpie to do something similar if you don't have access to vinyl.

To hang them, I drilled tiny holes in the top, then screwed in eye hooks from the hardware store.  A length of ribbon makes a great hanger.  We finished by writing our name and the year on the back.

We made them with all different colors and papers.  I'm really happy with how they turned out.  Pair these with some cookies or treats and you've got a great gift!  I'm giving these Oreo Truffles to my neighbors and my daughter's teachers.  Mmmm.......

What are you giving your neighbors this year?

Thanks for stopping by.  By the way- I'm thisclose to 600 followers.  I'd love to meet that goal by the end of the year.  So, if you're new here or just a lurker, I'd love it if you officially followed my blog!  There just might be something in it for you! :)

I'm linking up these ornaments to some of my favorite parties:  I'd love to "see" you there too!




  1. So cute. I live too! Great neighbor gift, funny about the primary kids ;)

  2. just started following your blog last week. Love your amazing ideas. Love this idea for sure. Thanks so much. Hope you'll visit me over at Hugs, Andi

  3. Those ornaments are such a wonderful idea! I think I'll have to hunt around the shed for some wood :)

  4. I love those ornaments! I officially became a follower today too!

  5. Love these - I've pinned them for next year! I found you at Sundae Scoop link party, thanks for sharing with us!


  6. Valerie, these are adorable! So simple, but you'd never know it! They'll make such a nice gift. I would love for you to share them here at my party:

    PS - I wish I could have been the one to put you over the top, but I'm #599...just one more to go! Congrats!

  7. I'm making something similar! I haven't posted it yet...have to finish them today. Definitely feeling the crunch! :)

  8. Valerie, these are adorable! So simple, but you'd never know it! They'll make such a nice gift. I would love for you to share them here at my party:

    PS - Put a White Sapphire as the start for shining like this one

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