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Monday, June 6

Summer Mantel, for now

Thanks for being patient, if you visited my blog over the weekend.  I wanted something a little more elegant, something a little less cluttered, something simple and beautiful.  I still have some more things I'd like to do, like add a tutorial page and some social media buttons, but for now, I like how it's turned out- I hope you do too!

Another work in progress is my summer mantel.  I don't usually decorate for summer- I just put up a few patriotic items around the 4th of July and my Summer Blocks.  But this year, all the bright colors in the stores were just calling out to me, so I started putting together a summer mantel.  This is what I have so far.

It's hard because we have this beautiful painting above our fireplace that I don't really want to move- so I pretty much pretend it's not there when I am decorating for seasons and such.  Maybe this isn't proper for true decorating, but that's just what I do.  Anyway- I  started off with this summer printable, from Simple Crafter, framed in a dollar store frame painted blue.

I found the jars at TJ Maxx for $3.99, and filled with them dollar store stems.

I made the pinwheel garland based on this tutorial at Hoosier Homemade.  I loved her bright colors, so I pretty much did the exact same thing.  Love it!

I'd like to get some blue mason jars and fill them with sand and candles.  Where in the world do I find blue mason jars?  Someone point me in the right direction!

Here in good old Phoenix, the weather is like summer most of the year.  But now that school is just about out, I'm ready for summer, and this mantel makes my house feel like summer too.



  1. Love the pinwheels! They are so pretty in the summer colors!! Your mantle looks fabulous:)

  2. Look for the blue mason jars at Flea Markets. We have one where I live that keeps tables and tables full of the aqua mason jars!


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