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Friday, April 1

Cute Fabric Bows

My daughter's friend had a birthday this week.  Her party is later, but I wanted to give something small to her now, so I made a few hair pretties for her.

The first one came from Girl.Inspired and a full tutorial can be found here.  Basically, you just gather a strip of fabric and glue it into a rolled flower.  Simple, but so cute!

The second one is just a flower made from folded up circles and is just a two layered version of the felt flower clip I made here.  They can be found everywhere these days, and make great embellishments and accessories for almost everything!

These are a great way to use up your fabric stash!  And, they are great gifts!



  1. These are super cute!!! What a great little gift!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    My mom used to get on to me for not using what I have. Her voice is obviously still in my head because I feel the need to use some of my stash to make these! Very cute! Thanks for sharing!


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