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Wednesday, March 9

Scrappin' Wednesday no. 9

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There is something tangible in those last days before a baby is born.  The excitement and anticipation (and discomfort!) has built to the highest level!  You are so excited to hold that baby in your arms- and get it out of your belly!

When I was deciding what to do with these ultrasound pictures, I thought of how much the pictures showed me of who my little baby really was!  I could see his pouty lips, his squishy cheeks, his grumpy face.  When he was born, all those things were real (especially his grumpy face- wait until you see that!)  Really, his ultrasound pictures were a "preview" of what was to come.  I love previews!  They are one of my favorite things about watching a movie.  Is that weird?  Anyway, I thought a movie preview theme would be perfect for the page.

I hope you enjoy it!