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Thursday, December 30

Dollhouse Furniture

 This Christmas, we Santa got my 5 year old daughter a dollhouse.  We weren't planning on getting her a dollhouse.  However, there was a great pre-Black Friday deal on a child's dollhouse online at Amazon.  It was normally $150, and I got it for $39 plus free shipping!  I couldn't let that pass by.

Of course, then you have to fill it with furniture.  Did you know that doll house furniture, even the cheaper plastic stuff for kids, costs around $20-$40 per room?  We just didn't have that in the budget, too.   I found this set of wooden doll furniture at Michaels that showed some promise.  It sells under the name Creatology, but I also found it online going by Puzzled.  I found one in-depth review on it, and that was by a miniature-maker, so I couldn't really tell if it would be something good for my daughter.  Since this whole set

was only $5 at Michaels, I bought it and set out to put it together.  Here's my review in case you're thinking of buying it yourself:

First off, the pieces come in four wooden sheets.  The instructions tell you to punch out all the pieces first.  DON'T!  They are not labeled at all.  I found it easiest to follow by numbering the pictures of the wooden sheets in the provided diagram, then numbering the actual sheets so I knew which ones to use first.

Next, the pieces are labeled by which parts go together.  You work in ascending numerical order:  Find all the pieces that have a 1 and a 2, and slide them together.  It is meant to be a puzzle, and it surely is!  However, I only found a few pieces difficult to assemble.

A square of sandpaper is provided.  It's not much.

You might need more of your own- when you punch the pieces out it sometimes leaves jagged edges.  I dry-fit all my pieces to make sure I had the assembly right, then put them together again with wood glue to make it sturdy to last in a 5 year old's hands.

Finally, I stained or painted the pieces.

Now, her dollhouse is a 1:12 dollhouse.  The furniture is more for a 1:24 home (which Creatology also sells).  My daughter uses anything and everything in the dollhouse- but the furniture is about perfect for a Polly Pocket-sized doll (though her feet hang off the bed a little.)  It looks a little silly in the larger house, but she is young enough that it doesn't matter.  I plan on replacing it with nicer furniture over time.

With the pieces glued together, the furniture is sturdy.  It has some fun parts- like cabinet doors that open and a rocking horse for a baby.  There's even a toilet with a handle!  It took me about 4 hours to put together and another hour or so to stain them.  Not bad for $5!

Bottom line:  I recommend this product for cheap doll house furniture, if you are willing to invest a little time to make up for the money you'll save.

Note- I am not compensated nor have I been asked to do a review on this product.  I simply saw a need for more information about it, and wrote to fill that need.   This is my honest, unbiased opinion only.

She loves it!


  1. Keep an eye out for dollhouse shows in your area or dollhouse shops etc for some great sales....

  2. Any idea if these pieces would work with Playmobil people? I love the stains you did!

  3. That's a very cute dollhouse indeed. I think kids will love to play with it. They will create furniture and also educate as well. Jiason


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