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Monday, May 17

Bathroom Sign

We have very limited wall space in our bathroom. Basically, there is room for a clock and something else. For five years, that something else has been a frame someone made us when we got engaged. It's sweet, and the colors matched (which is the only reason I hung it in the bathroom)- but it's just So, finally, I came up with something to replace it.

I painted an 8x10 canvas in a soft blue to match the color scheme of the bathroom. Then I used the inside of the bohemian_flower_2 shape from the Silhouette online shop as a stencil in warm white. I also cut the "enjoy" as a stencil, using the Opera font, then finished off by hot gluing a matching ribbon.

I think it makes our tiny wall look a little better. And it is definitely more "me".

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  1. What a pretty shade of blue. Cute and clever.

  2. Looking good...thanks for coming to my party...hope you are having a good time!


  3. That is super cute!!! I really love the colors


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