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Tuesday, April 20

Patchwork Kindle Case

I got a Kindle for Christmas! If I didn't have three kids that use up all of my time and most of my energy, I would be a voracious reader. As it stands, I am still a fairly prolific reader. The Kindle was a perfect gift! Now I just needed something to keep it in!

My sister-in-law graciously sent me the link to this tutorial at The Sometimes Crafter. I loved it! I was a little worried, though, because I am not a great sewer. I decided to go ahead and try it, and I'm glad I did, because it was really easy! A little time-consuming for a novice, and mine didn't turn out perfectly, but it really was a user-friendly tutorial and I love how mine turned out.

The great thing about this is you can easily change the dimensions to make a case for other things. Scriptures....other would even make a cute clutch purse!