Occasionally Crafty: St. Patrick's/Best Friends Printable- and a Shout Out to MY Best Friends

February 20, 2014

St. Patrick's/Best Friends Printable- and a Shout Out to MY Best Friends

I've been lucky in my life to have some wonderful friends.  I've been thinking about them a lot lately because I've been dealing with a group of former "friends" how have slowly excluded me from everything we used to do together.  It's hard to feel like you're not wanted.  It's made me question who I am and what I might have done wrong.  And, it's been comforting to know there are special people throughout my life who have always been there for me, and continue to be there for me now.

My first best friend was a neighbor kid named Steffi.  We lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, and did all the same crazy things together.  I moved away when I was 9, but we've kept in touch through the years.

My best friend Dawn and I met officially in 7th grade, though we knew of each other.  It took a boy's football game and very little time for us to realize were were soulmate besties!  

We're still good friends to this day, though over 1500 miles separate us.  She's the friend where you can pick up the phone after a year and pick up the conversation as if no time had passed!

My band buddies loved me even when I tried to break out of my "nerd" shell and be friends with new people.  We live all over the country, but still email and chat on Facebook.
I was also blessed to have great friends at church, who helped me navigate those teenage years with a strong foundation.  If only my kids have friends like these growing up! (Old picture alert!)

My college roommates (third and fourth years) are amazing!  I met them after a horrible year at college where I was bullied and shamed into moving out of my apartment.  They were all friends, yet took me in immediately and became some of my best friends!  We all keep in touch, and we're even having a roommate reunion this summer! 

Nowadays my best friend here in Phoenix is someone I met when were both newly married.  We hit it off right away, and have kept in touch over the last 12 years despite many moves.  Now she lives just down the street from me, and it has been a lifesaver to me to have her near!

And of course, I consider my husband my best friend of all! 

There are many more friends who have been a light to me over the years.  I appreciate their friendship with all my heart.  But, if you have had a best friend, you know how special, and important, that person's friendship is.

This is why I made up this printable.  I want each of my besties, in every stage of life, to know how special you are and how thankful I am for you.  Maybe you can do the same- print this out, frame it, and send it to your best friend!  Or, in a smaller size, this would make a great card!  Don't take your friends for granted- show them you love them.  
To download this 8x10 print, click here, or you can open the image below in a new tab, and right-click to save to your computer. 
Tell me about your best friend!  And do you think it's as important to have a best (girl) friend when you are grown and married?  
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  1. this is so cute! I'm blessed with 3 best friends, two from my childhood and one I was blessed to meet after 'growing up'. I can't imagine my life without them, even as a grown up with a family :)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Good friends are such a blessing, right? I'd be lonely without mine, that's for sure!

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  3. Replies
    1. This is actually a cut file from the Silhouette store. I used my Silhouette software to color it and print it out rather than cut it. The beautiful swirly font is called Samantha if you are interested in purchasing it. It is usually pretty expensive but you can find deals on it sometimes.

  4. That's so true...good friends are hard to find. I"m lucky enough to have a few from my high school days - well over 35 years ago!

    1. Me too (not quite that long but it's been almost 20)! I miss them a lot!

  5. I absolutely love the printable! Such a great quote.

  6. This is a really cute printable! It's great to have best friends, especially through tough times! My husband is my best friend, like seriously we were best friends before we started dating! I also have one other best friend who is always there for me and her little boy is best friends with my little girl.

  7. I love the printable! And it's awesome to find a fellow Phoenix blogger :D I've lived out here for nearly 9 years, but have yet to make a real friend connection with anyone out here (other than my awesome boyfriend, that is). I still talk to many of my hometown VA friends through Facebook. I keep trying to convince them to move out here but so far no luck!

    1. Chrisy- you should check out the FB group Arizona Bloggers if you haven't already. There are quite a lot of us around these parts :) I hope you can meet some of us in person- it's so hard to make new friends at any stage of life!

  8. This is a really cute sign. I've never decorated for St-Patrick day, but this makes me want to start!

    1. Thanks Caroline- I don't put up a whole lot, but I do love this one :)

  9. This is adorable!! I would love for you to stop by Totally Terrific Tuesday at liverandomlysimple.com and join if you do link parties still :)
    My best friend and I opened our own craft store where we upcycle and make our products!! How fun is that!!


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