December 14, 2012

Melted Snowman Ornament

One Christmas tradition our family has is receiving new ornaments each year to add to the family tree. When you're grown and on your own you get to take all of those ornaments with you to start your own tree! This year I wanted to make our ornaments, mostly because i just didn't see anything i was in love with. I'm also on kind of a snowman kick, and a lot of melted snowman crafts have made the rounds this year. So cute!
Here's everything you need to make your own melted snowman ornament:
  • Clear glass ornaments (i found mine at Hobby Lobby), plastic would work too.
  • Fake snow or even shredded white paper
  • Cut outs of snowman parts (I used my Silhouette, but good ol' scissors would work just fine)
  • A little piece of fabric for a scarf
  • Funnel
Using your funnel to help, put your fake snow inside the ornament. My stuff was particularly static-y and was a pain to put in! I was glad not to be mass producing these :)   Then add your snowman parts and move them around until you are satisfied.

We'll be giving these to our boys on Christmas Eve and I'm sure they'll love them as much as I do!
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  1. I never thought of helping the kids start their own collection of ornaments. Such a great idea! Your little melted snowman is adorable! Very creative.

  2. All of my Snowman parts sink to the bottom of the globe. No way to keep them on top of the 'snow". HELP!

  3. Debi, use salt instead of the fake snow. Kosher salt works the best.


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