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Thursday, February 12

Last Minute Valentine Ideas: Minecraft and Puppies!

I wonder if any other craft bloggers will relate to what happened when I showed my boys the cute marshmallow valentines I created. They were, um, less than enthused to give them to their classmates and suddenly spouted out ideas of their own. 
I could have gotten upset and insisted they use what I made, but instead I decided to use it as a chance to craft with my kids. I mean, they see me do it all the time, why not let them help? 
So despite all the fun printables and cute ideas out there, here's what we came up with to hand out at their class parties on Friday. I think they fit their personalities perfectly and they've loved helping!
My oldest is obsessed with Minecraft. Have a kid like that? He has read all the books and whenever he gets into a conversation with friends about it, he always teaches them something new. So a Minecraft Valentine was just what he wanted to give his friends. 
I cut out lots of green hearts on my Silhouette and he colored in a creeper face, signed his name and taped on a Blow Pop. (apparently Blow Pops are THE best candy since it lasts the longest, sucker and gum!) What an easy Valentine!

My youngest is obsessed with puppies and bugs. Since the bugs are 'hibernating' right now, he wanted a cute puppy valentine. We browsed Pinterest for awhile, but surprisingly there aren't a lot of puppy valentines that aren't super old-fashioned looking! We finally stumbled across a greeting card that we turned into a cute valentine.

I cut out tan and brown hearts for the puppy's face, turn them upside down.

Then get ready to cut out the same amount of hearts for your ears, and either use the Cut tool on the Silhouette software to slice them in half, or cut out whole hearts and cut them in half for each ear piece. Glue all ear pieces on top of the upside down heart. (he had so much fun putting these together!)

Lastly add face details. I didn't have enough googly eyes for his whole class so we just drew them on. We used those little sticky rhinestones for noses and then signed his name and added some Twix on the back. They really are so dog-gone cute!

So we're all ready for the Valentine's madness on Friday, are you? 

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Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
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  1. The puppy dog valentines are so cute! My daughter and I finished up her Valentine's last night...they were personalized photo moustache valentines. It was fun to make something with her!

    1. Love you idea with the mustache photo! Glad had fun making them with her, we did too!

  2. Too cute! This would be perfect to do with my daughter to give to daddy. Love it!

    1. Thanks Lou! They really are so simple and cute, I bet her dad would love them!

  3. Really cute and creative (and way better than the out of the box Valentine's!) It's tough when the kids get to be old enough that they're a little embarrassed by the whole Valentine's thing but are still required to give them out to the whole class. These are fun and age-appropriate take on Valentine's..and even better because they got to choose what they liked in the end! Mom win!

    1. I'll admit the out of the box valentines really aren't that spendy, but this came from them, fit their personality and they had a blast. We need mom wins every now and then! Thanks for coming by!


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